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February 18, 2005  The Global Economy in 2004/05

The Global Economy picked up steam in 2004.  Most countries around the world grew faster than they did in 2003.  Higher oil prices failed to stall the global economic recovery, but future inflation and higher interest rates loom on the 2005 horizon.

December 30, 2003  The Year in Review: The Most Significant Economic Events of 2003

The year 2003 is ending, and it's customary at this time to reflect on the events of the past 12 months.  What were the most significant economic events of 2003?  Which, if any, will be of lasting consequence?  How will these events alter the course of economic history in the months and years ahead?

August 15, 2003  Favorable Recovery Prospects for the Global Economy

Economics 101 stimulus policies in the United States and Europe are likely to persuade, if not propel, the global economy toward a more rapid economic recovery later this year and early next year.  Tax cuts, fiscal deficits, and lower interest rates are deliberately designed to induce more private sector spending.

December 8, 2002  The Global Economy 2002

The global economy's macroeconomic performance in 2002 was partly cloudy and partly sunny.  Slower economic growth in many countries has been accompanied by disinflation.  Some economies grew slightly faster this year than last year, but few have returned to the rapid growth rates enjoyed in 2000.  Aggregate demand is the key to 2003.

August 8, 2002  Focus on Argentina: An Economy to Cry For

Argentina's economic collapse should remind us all of how fragile economic systems really are and how important it is to have sound economic institutions in place and effectual corrective policy on stand-by when things start to go wrong. 

July 4, 2002  The G8 Economic Summit 2002

This year's G8 Summit focused on global growth, Africa's development, and fighting global terrorism. 

April 1, 2002  To Have and Have Not: Global Inequality

Rich Nations have rekindled a pledge to give more aid to poor countries to redress global inequality and poverty.


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